Myrtle Beach Casino Cruise Review

Though South Carolina boasts a prestigious and pristine setup that has reeled in a lot of visitors from across the globe, it has certain restraints in its waging sector that may turn-off would-be visitors of the state. If you're one of them however, you'll surely be more than enticed to execute your vacation and include in your itinerary, a visit to their outstanding cruise ship casino that will take you to a whole new world of waging. Of course, reading a Myrtle Beach Casino Cruise Review is always a great way to get yourself informed and convinced and this article is surely the perfect place to start.

Located at 4491 Waterfront Avenue, Little River, South Carolina, the Myrtle Beach Casino or more known as the Big M Casino, is the only waging establishment you'll find in the state of South Carolina. The state has always been hard on its waging sector and the number of brick and mortar waging establishment is the proof of that. Still, the Big M Casino strives to provide an exciting and unique waging experience to its users that will undoubtedly be worth the visit.

Fortunately, the Big M Casino has also experienced outstanding transformation throughout the years and now, there are finally two yachts or ships for this cruise waging establishment. This is further strengthened through providing more cruising and departure times which means more fun and waging for its dedicated customers and players. The two ships or yachts may not be that different, but one thing to note is that the other ship comes with a no-smoking policy which may just be perfect for those who are looking for that kind of setup.

Experience a luxurious waging experience aboard the cruise chip of Big M which provides a Las Vegas-like environment through its more than a hundred slot machines. Aside from this, they also have tens of table games available from Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and more. Though some users exclaimed that their slot machines are a bit few and some were even outdated, they still weren't able to deny the fact that the ship provides an astounding experience to every visitors it has.

Of course, your cruise wouldn't be complete with just waging alone and Big M is fully aware of that. They have other forms of entertainment from Bingo Games, bands, musicians, DJs and more. On top of those, they have scrumptious buffets and other food themes every day to spice up your experience even more. With the complete-packaged experience they never fail to bring, it is no mystery why it was able to garner top Myrtle Beach Casino Review time and time again.